Kirsten Coaching & Training is based in The Hague and started from the idea that prevention of mental complaints / disorders is better than curing them. ‘I have noticed in my work as a psychologist that I wanted to contribute to this way of prevention by providing sincere attention and questions that you were not being asked up until this point. We will take a look at your mindset, explore new perspectives and integrate them into your daily life. I would be happy to guide you through the issues you encounter. I will help you to look within / to get to the core of your ‘favourite problems’ instead of focusing on the outside world and the situation in which you are in. I believe the answer is already within you. We will discover what a balanced and great life means to you, by becoming and knowing your own strength and worth, and by discovering your needs and values. We can not avoid pain, but I can help you to suffer less. English

Coaching forms

First we will have an introduction meeting to get to know each other better without any obligation. When there is a mutual click and expectations have been expressed, I will mention an estimation of the number of sessions needed and we will plan the first individual coaching session. These can take place in nature, via a (video)call, at my home or at your home. It is also an option to walk together remotely via a phone call.

A combination of walking coaching and “normal” coaching is possible too. We will look at which form of coaching is appropriate for each session based on the purpose of the session and your needs. In addition, coaching also goes very well with running therapy (both individually and in a group)! Are you interested in this combination, send me a message for the possibilities.

Walking coaching

Walking coaching is ideally suited for conversations that bring you closer to the core, your inner compass. I will usually listen sincerely, hold up a mirror and ask questions. I can best describe walking coaching by some terms:
🧘🏻‍♀️Mindful life (here and now)
🧖‍♀️Relaxation / rest
💡Clarification / insights
🌳Outside / nature
🐌Slow down
🌊Flowing thoughts
🗝️Get rid of…
❤️Learn to feel (deep wishes and values)
👥Compassionate (self) reflection
🙏🏼’Being’ instead of ‘doing’
From these terms you will understand that walking is not always the appropriate form of coaching. For example if your trajectory is focused on tackling and / or practicing certain skills on paper. Combining coaching forms (by video call, by telephone, at your home, at my place, on foot) and extending a walking session (from 1 to 1,5 hours) is possible too. English


One session is 95 euros per hour. Five sessions of one hour has a special price of 450 euros. International payment can be done with PayPal (or IBAN). Exchange rate charges are excluded from the price mentioned above. These costs will be charged in addition to the tariff.

Running therapy

Running therapy is the therapeutic use of a gradually built up 30 minutes endurance run, when you are experiencing mental complaints. You move way more than just your physical body and you cannot ruminate while running. People who suffer from depression, burnout, anxiety, fatigue, gloominess, irritability, low self esteem, heart failure or chemotherapy have been shown to benefit from running three times a week, building up endurance and NOT the maximum speed. Running can give you a liberating feeling. Thoughts are off for a while; no worries.

After an individual intake and some questionnaires, we visualize your starting situation. Then we will set up a training plan in mutual consultation, based on your goals. You can choose to start running therapy individually or in groups (2-4 people). You go out with me once or twice a week. It is of added value if you yourself also start running a (second and) third time. Running therapy is suitable for everyone. You do not have to have a basic fitness level and you do not have to have a mental disorder. Consistent exercise is beneficial for everyone. People are made to move. The program is completely tailor-made for you! So let’s go! English

For whom?

(Young) adults from 16 years old. Because of my knowledge gained from (own) experiences, I am especially there for models, students, children of divorced parents, (top) athletes and workaholics. If you do not belong to one of these stereotyped groups, but you do like to get life coaching? Then you have come to the right place (contact).


Investing in yourself is never a waste of money. Through coaching sessions with me you will encounter yourself in an accessible way and go into depth where there is an opening. You do not have to do it alone. From my own experience I have noticed that it can help enormously to talk about yourself, gain insights and implement these in your life. I will guide you by sincere listening, asking the right questions and offering different perspectives. The challenge is to bring out, discover, perceive, change or accept the new / unconscious as it is. Gradually out of your comfort zone into your stretch zone. In addition, I will not ask you to jump into that cold pool all at once. I would like you to feel with your toe first and then I will guide you to an immersion if you are open for it. I can imagine this sounds scary in some way. You can trust that I will guide you, without any judgment or pushing. The higher goal is to gain insight into yourself in order to develop yourself into a direction that you feel happy with. English

For any further questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me! I would love to meet you. For more personal information about me, please translate this page About me with Google Chrome. English